About ITLA

The International Toy Library Association was created in 1990 in Torino during the 5th International Conference of Toy Libraries. It was formed to provide a permanent international link structure for toy libraries.

Toy libraries provide resources for play, trained staff and dedicated space. Play, toys and games are at the centre of activities. Generally, a toy library is a community resource that serves people without regard to language, national origin, race, age, sex, handicap or religion.

The decision to form ITLA was taken on May 28th, 1987 at the 4th International Conference of Toy Librarie in Toronto. ITLA is registered under Belgian law as a non-profit-making international organisation whose membership is comprised of national toy library associations, individual toy libraries throughout the world and organisations or individuals that support the aims of the Association.

The Board of Directors of the Association is elected during the General Assembly that takes place every 3 years at International Toy Library Conferences. Board members must be members of ITLA and generally reflect the geographic distribution of members of the Association.

ITLA BOARD 2014-2017


Món1ica Juárez Soria / Mexico

Born in Morelia Michoacán, Mexico, married with two children.
Profession: Consultant and trainer in toy librarianship
Professional qualifications: Economist from National University of México.
3 Diplomas in Play and childhood, Directing and operating a Non Governmental Organization, The International rights of girls, boys and adolescents, with studies in Houston Texas, United States of America about Montessori Method. Trained as toy librarian in the University of Mexico, Metropolitan University of México and by the ATZAR Association in Spain.
Previous experience: toy librarian since 1996, owner of a private toy library for 13 years, President of the Mexican Association of toy libraries for 6 years, toy librarian since 1996, Founder and President of the Mexican Toy Library Association for 6 years. Assessor and supervise about toy libraries in the Mexican Republic, lecturer in the three National Congress that the University of Mexico, National Teachers School, and thesis . Assessor of the University of Veracruz, the government of Mexico City, the 8 years being Mexican link from the International Toy Library Association, lecturer in the South Africa Conference and in the Korean Conference. Train more than 172 Mexican and south American toy librarians, settle down more than 130 Toy libraries by the Management Consultancy “Play is to Growth”, Founder and President of Mexico Plays Foundation, Secretary for 3 years of ITLA.
Interest in toy libraries: Spread the toy library concept and the importance of play in all México and in the world, trainned toy librarians because of its importance in having professional with core competences and qualities toy libraries to rescue the play in society so can have better and happy human beings.
Currently: Director of the consulting toy library office Jugar es Crecer, assessor of all kinds of toy libraries. Trainer of toy librarians. President of a not-for-profit foundation Mexico Plays that helps toy libraries.
Assessor for the Mexican City Government in the Toy libraries projects, University thesis, particular toy libraries, non profit Organizations, and toy librarians
President for ITLA during 2011-2014, reelected till 2017.

MichelMichel Van Langendonckt / Europe – Belgium

1989: Founded “Alpa-Ludismes” a Toy Library dedicated to adults in Brussels (Ixelles district)
1990: Master of Economics (Université Libre de Bruxelles –ULB)
1993: Master of Politics (ULB) and Postgraduate in Sociology
1994-2006: Give History, Geography, Economics and social sciences lessons in High Schools in Brussels… with toy library activities for students at noon
1996 In Zürich, “jeux demain, jeux pas vilains” first communication in ITLA conference
Since 1999 President of LUDO asbl, the association of French speaking Belgian toy library and toy librarians.
Since 2004 Member of French game jurys (International game design competition in Paris- Boulogne-Billancourt; As d’or game of the year in France in Cannes)
Since 2006: Lecturer in Social Sciences and Sociology of Education in a pedagogical college for teachers and educators (Haute Ecole de Bruxelles – HEB)
Since 2008: Lecturer in Ludology in a social college for social workers and librarians (HE Spaak)
Since 2009: Responsible for the “Ludivine & Lucifer Toy library and documentation center” (and official address of ITLA… HEB, 62 Defre avenue at 1180 Brussels.T el: +32 2733.71.10)
Since 2010: French speaking Belgian representative in the European Toy Library (ETL) group of ITLA
Since 2013: Responsible for the HEB-HE Spaak “Sciences and technics of play and games” degree in Brussels
Through I’m deeply conviced of the importance of play and games to build human beings and, who knows, a better world, I will do my best to promote and develop a large toy library network all over the world but also to spread information about research, documentation and trainings about toy libraries, play and games. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I will not have so much time to be efficient. As my wife says already for a too long time, “my work is my family”.

Monica_StachMonica Stach / South Africa

Holds a Masters degree in Early Childhood Intervention. She joined Cotlands in 2007 with her role being to find innovative ways to stimulate children’s development. Toy libraries and early learning play group models has emerged under her leadership as the chief operations officer at Cotlands. In May 2013 the first ever play conference was held and countries from Southern Africa attended the conference. Her passion for creating early learning opportunities for young children through toy libraries has inspired her to enrol for her doctorate degree so that she can add to the evidence base of toy libraries and playgroups. She believes that toy libraries are a cost effective model which gives vulnerable children access to early learning play opportunities and she therefore strives to advocate for play and to ensure that there is a toy library within reach for every child in South Africa. It is her mission to take toy libraries into Africa during the next 3 years.

Poai__HongPoai Hong / Asia- Malaysia

Lawyer by profession but has been involved in the early childhood and education sector since 1989 as an Early Years Centre Director, Trainer, Supplier, and Consultant. She has been and continues to be a passionate advocate for the setting up of community based (for low income families) and corporate childcare centres, kindergartens, creative activity centres, toy libraries, sensorial wall murals as well as training related thereto
Mrs. PH Wong currently sits on the Steering Committee of Childline Malaysia, a non-profit national public safety project of the Malaysian Children TV Programme Foundation. She was the Project Director who pioneered the setting up and launching of 15999 Childline, a 24-hour national phone helpline for children under 18 years in Nov 2010 in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Family and Community Development.
Mrs PH Wong currently represents Malaysia as a speaker at Regional and International Consultations of Child Helpline International since 2011. Working with the corporate sector and government agencies she spearheaded a team for outreach to children for education and training in child protection in respect of various child related issues.
Wong is a strong advocate for child rights and child protection as a CRC and Child Protection Trainer since 1998 for SUHAKAM, the Department of Social Welfare, National Childcare Association, Sime Darby Berhad , and other organisations
She was a member of task forces involved in the development of the National Child Policy, the National Child Protection Policy, the National Plan of Action for Children, National Occupational Skills Standards for Childcare Industry, National Policy for Online Child Protection and National Family Policy
She currently represents Childline Malaysia on the Steering Committee of the Child Rights Coalition of Malaysia (CRCM) and acts as Joint Secreteriat lead for CRCM which is working on the CRC NGO Report to be submitted to the CRC Committee based in Geneva.
She also secured funding of RM60,000 from Unicef Malaysia to establish the first Child Rights Resource Centre for Children in Malaysia based at the MBPJ Community Library
Current President of the Association of Registered Childcare Providers Malaysia, better known as Persatuan Pengasuh Berdaftar Malaysia (PPBM) for 2013 -2015
She is also the Hon. Secretary General of the Corporate Responsibility to Employees (CRE) Committee of the ECCE Council. In 2004, she conceptualised and developed the setting up of “i-play” toy libraries which was packaged as a successful CSR Funding Project of Yayasan EMKAY for the setting up and operation of toy libraries for children in poor urban and rural communities, hospitals and shelters
She recently presented the Country Report at the Asia Pacific Toy Library Conference in Tokyo
Over 20 years of her work is primarily geared to making this world a better place for children in at risk and low income families.

Debbie_WilliamsDebbie Williams / Australia – Oceania

Current board positions
· Non-executive Director, Southern Health (2009-today) – the largest health service in Victoria with revenue of over $1 billion and employing over 13,000 staff. Member of the Finance Committee and Primary Care and Population Health Advisory Committee.
· President and Founder, Moonee Valley Toy Library (2011-today) – local community organization providing toy lending services in Moonee Valley. Founded in 2011, MVTL now has over 300 family members and 1600 toys.

Previous board positions
· 4 years’ experience on the southern health board with a strong contribution to all aspects of board activity inside and outside the boardroom
· 14 years strategy consulting experience in a range of industries including health care, financial services, not-for-profits, consumer products, retail and utilities
· Graduate of the AICD company directors course and attended the advanced mastering the boardroom course
· Awarded an MBA from INSEAD (France) in corporate strategy and marketing
· Awarded a board diversity scholarship from the australian institute of company directors, a program that aims to provide talented women with the knowledge required to help secure private sector and public directorships
· Non-executive Director and Treasurer, Inner East Mental Health Service (2008-2011) – provided rehabilitation services to people who experience severe mental illness. Led IEMHS through a merger with Neami, a national rehabilitation service provider.

Relevan experience::
Debbie is Treasurer of Toy Libraries Australia, an experienced strategy consultant, a professional non-executive director, and mother to two young daughters. In 2011 she founded the Moonee Valley Toy Library, which has quickly grown to be one of the larger toy libraries in Australia.
She is on the board of Monash Health, the largest Health Service in Victoria and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.she has an MBA with distinction from INSEAD (France). Here favourite toys are Mini Micro scooters and jigsaw puzzles.

Fernando_MarteloFernando Martelo / America – Colombia

Major on Social Communications, Expert on Advertising, PR and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Experience related to Toy Libraries and Children ́s Rights through play:
– (1998-2000) Establishment of Childhood and Recreation ́s Day and coordination to institutionalize this celebration in the Colombian law. Founding member of the Childhood ́s Day Corporation
– (1998 – Present) Member of the Board of Founders and Board of Directors of Childhood ́s Day Corporation.
– (2004 – Present)
President of the Council of Founders of Childhood’s Day Corporation.
Consultant to Childhood’s Day Corporation for setting up partnerships with multinational companies, local governments, central government institutions; and advice on communications and corporate management in order to develop toy libraries in Colombia.

Tineke_KuivenhovenTineke Kuivenhoven / Netherlands

Education: Study Youth Care
Work: Library, Bookshop with books for children and for 31 years: Toy Librarian and toy library within an institution for children and adults with special needs.
Content of my work is mainly advising parents and caretakers for people with special needs and child activities in general. We provide special toys and materials for the senses. We also have a room for experience the senses for everybody who needs this kind of treatment and relaxation.
My volunteer job is a board member of the National Toy Library organization, 6 years as president, for now my function contents keep in touch with international organisations (ETL) and public relations. We also provide workshops and training for those who work with children with special needs.

Simon Hall

Simon Hall lives in Melbourne, Australia. He works as the coordinator of Elwood Toy Library in Melbourne, Australia. His experience as a professional writer and editor includes working for Lonely Planet and for YouthCentral. He enjoys reading and riding his bicycle.

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