ITLA Link Persons Around the World

Link Persons share information from ITLA with everyone concerned with toy libraries in their country. They are appointed by their national toy library association, if there is one, or they may be requested to act as a liaison by toy libraries in their country, or they may volunteer to act as a link in order to promote the development of toy libraries in their country.

Duties & Roles

  • To circulate information from ITLA to everyone concerned with toy libraries in their country and to circulate the ITLA newsletter
  • To send news about toy libraries in their country to the ITLA newsletter editor
  • To send a country report to ITLA when requested
  • To attend the meeting of Link Persons at International Toy Library Association Conferences or to organise for another person to represent their country
  • To cooperate with ITLA‘s international projects

*If the details we have for the link person in your country are out of date, or if you want to be your country’s link with ITLA, please contact Mónica Juárez:


Links to relevant websites




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Natural Resources

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