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Why join ITLA?

  • To support a serious international organization that is leader in the toy library world since 1990
  • To have relationship with very important and experienced members of toy library and play world
  • To share experiences and knowledge about play and toy libraries
  • To be part of a network of many toy librarians around the world
  • Possibility to travel and see other cultures and toy libraries when attending international conferences
  • To enrich personal or institutional curriculum


What does membership give you?

  • An emailed copy of the ITLA Newsletter which is sent out regularly and provides information about toy library programs from across the world, articles, toy reviews, etc.
  • Email updates of additions to the website
  • A Certificate of Membership proudly confirming your commitment to toy libraries internationally
  • Membership of a global network of colleagues for communication and exchange of ideas
  • Access to the Relevant Articles section of our website (member’s login required), which includes articles on toy libraries, toys and games, play and play advocacy, research, child development and previous ITLA newsletters
  • A discounted participation fee at International Toy Library Conferences. Next conference in 2017 Netherlands!
  • The right to vote at Annual General Meetings to elect a new Board of Directors, to choose the next International Toy Library Conference venue and on matters that may influence the direction that the Association takes in the future, including amendments to the Constitution. Proxy, postal and electronic votes are accepted if you are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting. 
Vote Allocation: National Toy Library Association, 10 votes; Toy Library, Small Toy Library Organisation, 2 votes; Toy Librarian, interested organization and individual, 1 vote
An opportunity to review and comment on the annual report of the Board of Directors and on the annual financial report of the Association. This means that you have the opportunity to ensure the good governance of the Association.
What do we need from you as an ITLA member?
  • To circulate information from ITLA to everyone in your networks concerned with toy libraries and to circulate a copy of the ITLA newsletter
  • To send news about toy libraries in the country for the ITLA newsletter
  • To send a country report to ITLA when requested
  • To attend the General Assembly meeting that takes place at International Toy Library Conferences or to organise for another person to represent the country, or send your vote when requested
  • To co-operate in international projects of ITLA
  • To answer emails and give feedback ans opinions



(You do not have to attend the Conference to benefit from these discounted fees – join/renew NOW!!)

Membership Category Number of votes at the general assembly meeting 1 Year membership fee in Euros 3 years membership fee in Euros
Toy Librarian 2 vote 20 Euros 40 Euros
Toy library, small Toy Library organisation with less than 10 toy libraries 10 votes 45 Euros 80 Euros
Other individuals and organisations 1 vote 30 Euros 50 Euros
National Toy Library Association 10 votes 75 Euros 150 Euros

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