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Toy libraries, national toy library associations, toy librarians, play professionals, and organizations and individuals interested in play are invited to join ITLA:

    • To support an international organisation that has been a leader in the toy library world since 1990.
    • To build relationships with experienced persons in the toy library and play world.
    • To share experiences and knowledge about play and toy libraries.
    • To expand understanding of toy libraries as you attend International Toy Library Conferences, travelling and seeing other cultures and toy libraries around the world.
    • To be part of a global network of toy librarians
    • To enrich your personal understanding of toy libraries.
  • To enrich your organisation’s toy librarian training curriculum.

Member Benefits

  • An e-mailed copy of the ITLA Newsletter that provides information about toy library programs from all over the world including articles, toy reviews and perspectives on play and various toy library models.
  • Access to the members’ section of ITLA’s website, which shares information on toy libraries, toys and games, play and play advocacy, research, child development, education and play, support for families, adult education and training as well as previous ITLA Newsletters.
  • A certificate of membership proudly confirming your commitment to toy libraries internationally.
  • An annual report.
  • A copy of ITLA’s seal to add to your toy library’s documentation and website.
  • Access to advertise your toy library’s activities on social media using ITLA’s Facebook page and Twitter handle.
  • The right to vote at ITLA’s General Assembly held at the conference.

Member Commitments

ITLA members are expected to:
  • Circulate ITLA information and newsletters to everyone concerned with toy libraries in their community.
  • Contribute to the ITLA newsletter.
  • Submit requested information related to toy libraries to ITLA.
  • Attend ITLA’s General Assembly meetings which takes places at the tri-annual International Toy Library Conference.
  • Support international initiatives such as World Play Day on 28 May by planning activities and sending a report to our World Play Day Coordinator.
  • Cooperate on international projects of ITLA.
  • Answer emails and give feedback and opinions.
  • Use the ITLA Members seal in your toy library documentation.
  • Follow us on Twitter and like our postings on Facebook.
  • Help promote the International Toy Library Conference in your country and to put the information on your web page.
  • Fill in ITLA’s profile form. This form enables ITLA to report on the situation of toy libraries on a global scale.

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    • Bank: Triodos Bank
    • Address: Rue Haute 139/3 1000 Brussels, Belgium
    • Phone Number: 00322 548 28 28
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    • IBAN: BE08 5230 8086 2713
    • Bank Identified Code ( BIC)/Swift Code: TRIOBEBB
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    National Toy Library Association (Represents 10 or more toy libraries of a country) 1 year: 75 EURO 3 years: 150 EURO
    Small Toy Library (Less than 10 members) 1 year: 45 EURO 3 years: 80 EURO
    Toy Librarian / ToyLibrary 1 year: 20 EURO 3 years: 40 EURO
    Individual (researcher, play ambassador, academic etc.) 1 year: 20 EURO 3 years: 40 EURO

    International Toy Library Association “Invoice” 

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